Thinking About the Bible

I am not a totally dippy blonde like some of my dates at Ealing escorts seem to think. When I am not at the escort agency in Ealing, I do have a couple of things I really like to do. For instance, one of my favorite things to do is to read the Bible. When I first started to read the Bible, I could not understand it at all. The language seemed really strange, and it was very much like it did not mean anything to me at all.

The other girls at Ealing escorts thought I was a little bit mad, but I decided to join a Bible study group. I felt really out of place the first time I walked into the class, but everyone in the class made me feel really welcome. It did not take me very long to make some friends, and after about two sessions, I found that I was really enjoying reading and talking about by the Bible. I did not really see it as religious document at first, but I have changed my mind about that now.

So far I have not told the other girls at Ealing escorts, but I have started to go to church every Sunday. I just wanted to check it out at in initially but it did not take me very long to start to enjoy going to church. It is a gospel church so there is plenty of singing and celebration. Even my mom is surprised that I am going to church but after Sunday morning service I feel better than after an aerobics class. Perhaps it proves that it is good for the soul.

I am still not sure what I believe in, but I don’t think it matters so much. What I really believe in is some of the Christian values in the Bible. According to the priest who runs are Bible study group, it is really all that matters. Since I started doing all of this, I feel like a change is coming over me. I have become a lot more relaxed and I want to do go for others. We should all feel like that, and if we did, I think that it would make the world a better place. These days, I always remember the girls at Ealing escorts in my prayers.

What is the future for me? I am not sure but for the time being I am going to continue to work for Ealing escorts. As I live in a different part of London, I have not told anybody at the church about my escorting career. I am not sure how they would feel about that. But I have a feeling that I am worrying about nothing, and that most of my friends at church would be okay about it. Just like the other girls at the escort agency in Ealing, I am sure that I will move on one day and give up escorting. Will it have something to do with my love for the Bible? Maybe, and there are days when I think that I would love to do something totally different with my life. It is just that I am not sure what that is going to be yet.


I gave birth in his arms

Alan was this hot guy in his 50s’ who I had met at a health resort just outside of London. I had gone there with my girls from charlotte escorts to just chill out, and I ended up meeting a man who more or less became my Sugar Daddy. I really had not expected to fall in love with a guy in his 50’s but he acted younger and had more energy than some of the young guys I dated at London escorts. We were soon firm friends, and he kind of became my unofficial Sugar Daddy.

Yes, Alan was well off and despite me insisting that I paid for a lot of my own stuff, he seemed to manage to spoil me rotten. He realised that I worked for charlotte escorts, and said that he did not really have a problem with it. Instead of having a go at me for working for at elite charlotte escorts service, he told me that it made sense what I was doing. After all, he had not met a lot of 26 year girls in London with their own flat and no mortgage.

Alan was, and is, a very passionate man. At times we totally lost the plot and ended up having sex with no proper protection. I was worried that I would get pregnant and lose my job with London escorts, but passion seemed to have taken over my life. My self styled Sugar Daddy often picked me up after my London escorts shift and treated me to stays in 5 star hotels all over London. After a few glasses of vintage champagne, I threw caution to the wind and just enjoyed myself.

Not only was Alan a nice guy, but he was an amazing lover as well. I used to tell all of the girls at London escorts about our sex life, and about Alan’s mastery of the art of seduction. Unlike some of the guys I met at London escorts, it was cleared that this guy was a guy who knew how to charm a woman into bed, and make her feel on top of the world.

I had always carried a little bit of extra weight around my belly, but it had not bothered me. Don’t for one minute assume that all guys who date London escorts like slim women, it is simply not true. It was true of Alan as well, but after about ten months into our relationship, I noticed my tops were getting tighter and I was also suffering from indigestion. It worried me a bit, so I went to the doctor. Twenty minutes later, I came out of her office in a real state. I was about 8 months pregnant! Alan was sitting outside and thought I was seriously ill. When I explained I was pregnant, the biggest grin ever spread across his face. He had thought he had missed out on being a daddy, and when I gave birth to our daughter supported in his arms in a posh maternity hospital in London, he could not stop crying. Today, we are a happy family, and our little baby is 8 years old, and the proud owner of a collection of giant teddy bears. Does her daddy spoil her? I am afraid so.

I have heard you been a bad boy…

Nothing escapes the ears of us girls here at Guilford escorts. When we are out and about, we hear all sorts of things. Last night I heard a little bit of rumour, and your name was mentioned. It sounds like you have been a very bad recently and you have not been punished for it. A couple of your colleagues from work told me that you have been coming in late recently. Your excuse is that you have not been getting a lot of sleep. Now, why is that… I really like to know what is going on.

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As far as I know, you have not been hooking up with any of the girls here at Guilford escorts. I have spoken to most of the girls and none of them say that they have been out to see you. So, if you have not been staying up with one of us, what have you been doing. Could it be that you have eaten too much and ended up having indigestion all night? Be a good boy and tell me what is going on.

Of course, the other thing could be that you have developed sleep apnea. This is now such a common condition for many gents. Did you know that sleep apnea can seriously affect your entire life? First of all, it can make you very tired during the day, and you can also lose concentrating. Perhaps I or one of the girls from Guilford escorts should come around to make sure that you are not suffering from sleep apnea. We have a very special way to check, and you may even enjoy it.

But it could be that you have a secret to tell us. Do you have a secret girlfriend that you don’t want your friends to know about? I often find that many of the gents that I date at Guilford escorts like to keep a secret or two. Many of them have to do with their friend finding a girlfriend which they don’t want their friends to know about. The girl is so good in bed that they don’t want to let her go, and they are worried that she is going to be snatched up by one of them.

If that is the case, I can fully understand how you feel and so can many of the girls here at Guilford escorts. As a matter of fact, we get that happening to us all of the time. You are not going to believe this, but some of the gents that I date at the agency think that they can keep em a secret. How naughty of them! I am a very special girl, I know that, but I am for sharing. So, if you know of a guy who would like to hook up with a sexy blonde this evening, why don’t you give me a call here at Guilford escort services? I promise to make sure that you are a good boy…

He is moving abroad

I am not sure how I feel about my boyfriend moving abroad. We get on really well, and I know that I am going to miss him, But, in another way, I am a little bit angry with my boyfriend. He did not tell me anything about his plans of getting a job abroad. Instead, he sort of sprung it on me, and I ended up sitting on his sofa in complete shock. After I left his flat, I went to see one of my best friends who also works for London escorts, and told her all about it. She said that my boyfriend had not really gone about in the right way.

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My boyfriend had been struggling to get a good job here in the UK. It appears that we don’t have a lot of civil engineer projects going on at the moment, and finding a good job in the UK, has been more or less a nightmare for him. I have been earning more than him at London escorts, and to be honest, it had felt good some how. It was the first time that I had a boyfriend who earned less than I did, and I don’t know, it felt a little bit like I was in control. All of the little extra things that I wanted to, had to be paid by me, so we did all of the things that I wanted to do.

But yesterday, when I handed the keys back to the flat he had been renting in London, I did feel a bit sad. I did no really want him to go. Sure, the sex had been great, but there was more ot it than that. We had really enjoyed a good relationship and that mattered a lot to me. Unlike so many of my other boyfriends, he had showed me a lot of care and concern, and I realised now that it was a very important part of a relationship. I was not sure that I wanted to let go of that.

At no time, had my boyfriend managed anything about me coming with him. In fact, I am not sure that I would have given up my job at London escorts, but it would have been nice to have been asked. He did explain to me that he had to get a special VISA to live and work in the United States, and he was worried about the future as the government in the US is so difficult to understand. But, he said that he wanted me to visit him once he became established in the States.

I am sure that he means all of this,but it is very ahrd to manage long distance relationships, and I am not sure that I am for it to be fair. Some of the girls at London escorts who have had long distance relationships, have always had their relationships fall apart on them. I am sure that many of the girls would have gone with their boyfriends if they would have had a chance, but it seems that a lot of guys are not so keen to ask their London escort girlfriends to come along. I keep on wondering why that is, and why my boyfriend did not ask. Surely, he would not be going if he was that worried about the future.

Ealing escorts mean business



It seems that a lot of other escorts in London do not think very highly of Ealing escorts from Most of the girls that I speak to from posh agencies, or what I would call posh agencies, do not think that we are that good at our jobs. That is not true at all, and all of the cheap escorts that I know in London are very good at what they do. I think that more and more gents in London are beginning to date Ealing escorts as they have more fun with us.


On top of that I really do wonder how much money posh escorts in London. I think that many cheap escorts in London earn a lot more money as they date more often. It is okay to work for a posh agency, but if you only end up getting a date once a night because you are so expensive to go out with, what is the point. I can truly say that my dating diary is full most of the time, and that I have a really busy life working for our cheap escort service in London.


A lot of Ealing escorts do really well. It is not fair to say that we are not that experienced. I have actually made a decision to stay working for a Ealing escorts service because I earn more money that way. Not only that, but the gents that we date at our agency are more down to earth as well, and I think that helps a lot. Also they do spend more time with us and we get a chance to get to know them.


I know that many of the gents that I date are genuine people. It makes me wonder how many posh escorts in London know that their dates are genuine. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of girls out there who work for premier services who are being lied to all of the time. That does not happen that often when you work for a Ealing escorts service and I like that. It is the top reason I continue to work for a cheap escort service in London.


At the end of the year, I think that I have earned as much money as my posh counterparts. I think that most Ealing escorts file the same level of tax returns as posh girls in London do. If you were to sit down and check them out, you would probably find that we earn about the same. Besides, overall I think that cheap escorts make more money. We live and work in a part of London which is less expensive and that matters a lot. It is called keeping your overheads down, but I am not sure that my posh friends in West London think about that at all. They are too busy manicuring their ruby coloured nails. My nails are pink and blue, and my gents seem to like that.